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“We take on the challenges that other companies ‘shy away’ from”!

Based here in Norfolk, Philpott Demolition is a firm of experienced demolition engineers that have a substantial arsenal of techniques that ensure the quickest, safest and cleanest recovery of our clients sites, whatever the conditions at the outset - Whether we are faced with tearing down a simple brick building or with planning intricate operations to dismantle concrete and steel structures, we have the skill and experience to complete the job successfully.

We are widely recognised for our exceptional standards of work, specialising in demolition, asbestos removal, and other services such as soft strip-outs and waste disposal. We can tailor our services to the client’s needs as part of an all-in-one demolition package. Our client base comprises of quarry companies, councils, hospitals and land developers. We also serve members of the general public with smaller one-off jobs.

Here at Philpott Demolition we are professionals with contracts that take us all over Country, with our own extensive range of plant and equipment and we only ever sub-contract out notifiable asbestos material. We will ensure that we deliver safe, efficient and competitively priced services – and that projects are completed on time and within budget with Health & Safety at the core of everything we do.

We specialize in:- Quarry Remediation, Commercial Buildings, Industrial Buildings and we also carry out work on Hospitals, Schools, Airfields, Chimneys, Shop Premises, Warehouses, Private Houses, Concrete Structures and anything else that needs demolishing!

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Our services include:-
Demolition & Dismantling, Bulk Excavation, Quarry Remediation, Recycled Materials, Strip Out Works, Concrete Crushing, Waste Management, Site/Garden Clearance & Asbestos Removal.

Our equipment comprises of:- 3 x Excavators, 4 x Breakers, 2 x Shears, 2 x Pulverisers, 2 x Selector Grapples, 3 x Telehandlers, 35 tonne Mobile Crane, 20 tonne Articulated Dump Truck (ADT), 20 tonne Loading Shovel, Universal Processor & a Concrete Crusher.

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Tim Philpott is a Full Member of The Institute of Demolition Engineers, he undertakes continuous professional development in order to maintain the very high standards that are required.